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Ex-TalkTalk boss sues over gender pay gap says she was paid half male colleagues' salary


Ex-TalkTalk boss, 42, sues telecoms firm which made £95m profits last year claiming her £110,000 a year was just half as much as male colleagues got for doing similar jobRebecca Burke was let go in May 2017 wh…

O2 customers to get credit compensation for data outage

O2 customers will get up to two days’ credit in compensation after a data outage affected millions of people.

The UK’s second largest mobile operator, which has more than 25 million customers, saw disruption to its network begin at around 5am on Thurs…

Compensation for GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile, Lycamobile and Sky Mobile after O2 goes down

O2’s network crash saw over 32 million angry customers left without internet access for nearly 24 hours.
Mobile network[1] users reported experiencing problems with the data services shortly after 5.30am yesterday.
Only in the early hours this morning,…

O2 outage: who really runs your mobile network?

O2’s system outage also hit Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Sky and Lycamobile customers, highlighting the confusing nature of ‘piggyback’ networks.
Yesterday saw millions of O2 customers left without 3G and 4G mobile internet, starting from the early morning….

News Vodafone unveils 'UK's first self-optimising mobile plan' 7th, Dec Director at telecoms giant hails

Vodafone has unveiled what it claims is the UK’s first self-optimising mobile plan.
The telecoms group said Business Optimiser has been developed in recognition that the needs of businesses change month by month and the amount of data employees require…

Apple and Samsung 5G phones could cost £300 MORE than latest iPhone – as experts warn of £100-a-month con

BRITS could soon be paying £100-a-month contracts, as experts warn over the price of 5G smartphones – due 2019.
The Sun spoke to several industry watchers who said 5G Apple and Samsung smartphones could cost £300 more than today’s top models.