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Early research on Apple's Health Records service suggests patients generally like it

Researchers at UC San Diego surveyed patients to see how they like Apple’s Health Records service, and the results were positive.

The first research research on Apple’s Health Records service has just been released and shows that users have a …

Turn off your mobile when you're on a flight

Tourists who forget to switch off their mobile phones while travelling by air or sea are at risk of being hit by ‘accidental roaming’ charges.
Roaming fees apply to mobile phones or tablets used abroad. In recent years these costs have been capped to p…

People start to wake up to the pervasive third-party tracking that comes with 90% of Android apps

It will hardly be news to readers of this site that mobile apps are tracking us on a massive scale. And yet a story in the New York Times last month about how apps are routinely monitoring users and their geographical position seems to have shocked ma…