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How Huawei used the UK to become a global giant

A sketch on the back of a napkin captured the moment when the global telecoms market opened up to Huawei.
Ben Verwaayen, the former chief executive of BT, drew the sketch to illustrate how he wanted to transform the UK’s telecoms network, changing it f…

O2 outage: who really runs your mobile network?

O2’s system outage also hit Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Sky and Lycamobile customers, highlighting the confusing nature of ‘piggyback’ networks.
Yesterday saw millions of O2 customers left without 3G and 4G mobile internet, starting from the early morning….

News Vodafone unveils 'UK's first self-optimising mobile plan' 7th, Dec Director at telecoms giant hails

Vodafone has unveiled what it claims is the UK’s first self-optimising mobile plan.
The telecoms group said Business Optimiser has been developed in recognition that the needs of businesses change month by month and the amount of data employees require…

Anger, confusion and mixed messages as O2 network remains crashed 'till Friday'

MILLIONS of British customers have been left confused and angry after being unable to use their smartphones after a software issue brought the O2 network to a standstill.Users of the network, which is used by 32 million UK customers have bombarded the …

BT remove Huawei equipment amid security concerns

The Chinese company have also been excluded from BT’s vendor selection process for development of their 5G core network.
BT have reiterated that Huawei remains an important partner outside of the core network and where there are no security concerns.