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BT Group Chief Technology and Information Officer to speak at Mobile News XPO 5G Symposium

Watson joins a number of speakers on the panel

BT Group Chief Technology and Information Officer Howard Watson is the latest speaker to join the CTO’s of Vodafone, O2, and Three and leading mobile analyst Ben Wood as a panellist at Mobile News XPO 5G…

Deloitte predicts 50k 5G smartphone in the UK by 2019-end

While the vast majority will have to wait some time before experiencing the euphoria of an extra ‘G’ Deloitte is predicting there will 50,000 early adopters in the UK.
After several years of slugging, the glorious 5G world is upon us. First in…

Turn off your mobile when you're on a flight

Tourists who forget to switch off their mobile phones while travelling by air or sea are at risk of being hit by ‘accidental roaming’ charges.
Roaming fees apply to mobile phones or tablets used abroad. In recent years these costs have been capped to p…