Oppo R17 Pro charges 92% in just 30 minutes, competed against 59 mobile phones

Nowadays, fast charging technologies are a new marketing gimmick. The mobile companies are trying hard to make their devices equipped with the latest fast charging technologies. Almost every major mobile manufacturer has its fast-charging technology like Vivo has its own tech, OnePlus has Dash Charging and Oppo is equipped with Super Vooc charging.

Today, in a charging test, Oppo R17 Pro stood first against 59 mobiles and managed to get 92% charge in just 30 minutes. As most of the fast chargings tend to charge much faster in the first half an hour, so, the source has stacked up 59 different devices to know which devices offer the fastest charging.

It also helped to know which manufacturer tends to give the support for most rapid charging in terms of speed and safety. After the test completes, Oppo R17 Pro reached 92% mark which is the highest to charge up its 3700 mAh battery with SuperVOOC flash charging of 50 W. The second runner-up is the Honor Magic 2 with 83% of battery charge in just 30 minutes.

It is equipped with a 3500 mAh battery with 40W of fast charging. At the third and fourth position, Meizu Pro 7 Plus and Oppo R11 have stood with 66%. While Meizu Pro 7 is ahead with 3500 mAh battery fast charging power of 20W and Oppo R11 has managed to charge 3000 mAh battery at 20W.

Oppo R17 Pro charges 92% in just 30 minutes, competed against 59 mobile phones In the following places, devices like Vivo X21, Charm Blue S6, OnePlus 5T, Nut Pro 2, Huawei Mate 10, etc took place. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 is the only device from Xiaomi which managed to gain the 15th position with 56% charge.

While Apple has maintained to charge 40% with iPad charging head. Overall, Chinese manufacturers are way ahead in providing the fastest charging solutions. Most of the top 10 spots are acquired by these manufacturers.

While Oppo’s Super Vooc charging has managed to stand first in charging the device.

It’s a healthy competition from most of the manufacturers, and we expect more inventions in the coming years.

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