News Vodafone unveils 'UK's first self-optimising mobile plan' 7th, Dec Director at telecoms giant hails

Vodafone has unveiled what it claims is the UK’s first self-optimising mobile plan. The telecoms group said Business Optimiser has been developed in recognition that the needs of businesses change month by month and the amount of data employees require goes up and down. Available for organisations of 250+ employees, it provides a transparent mobile plan that ensures businesses won’t pay more than they need to and can keep track of costs throughout the contract term.

“I believe Business Optimiser is a game-changer,” said Anne Sheehan, enterprise director at Vodafone UK. “It provides businesses with the flexibility and control they need, and the peace of mind that they are not spending more than they need to. This means they can focus on what matters most to their business.”

Every employee with a mobile contract will start each month on an appropriate price plan and with their data allowance set to zero.

As employees use data throughout the month, they will be automatically moved up to the next most cost-effective plan.

Vodafone promises that businesses will never exceed their data allowance or incur out-of-plan charges, and will never pay for more data than they need.

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