atFoliX Screen Protector for ThL T6C Screen Protection Film – 3 x FX-Antireflex anti-reflective Protector Film – Price Drop

atFoliX Screen Protector for ThL T6C Screen Protection Film - 3 x FX-Antireflex anti-reflective Protector Film

  • Glare-free and hard-coated – Precisely cut FX-Antireflex ThL T6C Screen Protection Film
  • The Screen Protector ensures the display is non-reflective and significantly improves its readability when working in sunlight or close to direct sources of light – Anti-reflective screen protection for your ThL T6C
  • Extremely scratch-proof, hard-coated T6C Screen Protector – withstands 3H pencil hardness at 500 g writing pressure, making it highly scratch-resistant
  • This Screen Protector is dirt-repellant and extremely scratch-proof. It is also very easy to attach and can be completely removed if required without leaving any residue on the T6C screen
  • [email protected] – Made in Germany *** FX-Antireflex T6C Protector Film: No glue, pure adhesive liability! Optimal adhesion right up to the edges – guaranteed

FX-Antireflex Screen Protector by atFoliX, anti-reflective, suitable for ThL T6C

The FX-Antireflex ThL T6C Screen Protector is a transparent, high-tech protective film for high-resolution screens.

Glare-free and hard-coated!

This high-quality T6C Screen Protector features a matt, anti-reflective layer which significantly reduces irritating reflections on the ThL T6C screen. The anti-reflective T6C Screen Protection Film adheres perfectly to the screen without affecting its operation. The T6C Protector Film is extremely scratch-proof, very easy to apply and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.

Anti-static film material, the T6C Protector Film does not attract dust as it is applied and can even be rinsed with clear water and reattached if necessary.

The T6C Screen Protector is exceptionally robust, durable and designed for continuous use – the film’s durable, multi-layered synthetic materials provide long-lasting mechanical protection for ThL T6C screens against all kinds of damage.

Does not impair operation, this ThL T6C Protector Film offers a pleasant writing sensation and is specifically optimised for use on touch screens.

Scope of delivery
• 3 x FX-Antireflex Screen Protection Film for ThL T6C
• cleaning cloth
• installation tool (squeegee)
• Dust remover sticker
• Link to the multilingual, illustrated mounting instructions (including mounting video)
Packages for devices with several screens (e.g. internal and external screens) contain a protective film for each screen.

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