Sky wants you to carry out a mobile scavenger hunt around London to win £5000

Imagine if you could play Pokemon Go[1] but instead of winning Pokemon, you could win GBP5,000 instead. That’s the premise behind a new GPS mobile game[2], The Heist Game, launched by Sky One as part of the promo for its new TV show, The Heist. The Heist is a new kind of detective series which follows normal members of the local community to see if they have what it takes to become a successful criminal and evaded detection.

It makes sense then that the game version has you traipsing around a city, using a mobile phone to unlock clues and crack a major criminal case. There are 300 hotspots all over the UK, in cities such as Aberdeen, Cardiff, Leeds and London. Simply visit[3] on a smartphone to start playing the game, then find the nearest hotspot where you will be presented with a clue.

You have to crack the clue before you can move on to a different hotspot where the next clue will be waiting for you. Once four clues have been unlocked, you get to name the suspect. If you get it right, you will be entered into a prize draw to win GBP5,000.

You have until November 23 at 12pm to find all the clues to be entered into the prize draw. The winner will be announced that evening, as the third episode for The Heist is aired on Sky One. The tech behind The Heist Game was developed by Landmrk[4] which brings maps to life.

Speaking about the game, co-founder Tom Nield, said: “”Creating a Landmrk powered experience for The Heist feels like such a natural fit. The best location-based experiences rely heavily on compelling storylines and potential payoffs, The Heist delivers these by the bucketload.

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“As audiences are becoming more discerning, broadcasters are looking for new ways of engaging people – platforms such as Landmrk offer another tool that can be used to develop and extend these stories.”
Using the GPS on your phone to pick up clues and play a game is also the premise of a different London-based start-up, Onigo.

Pitched as the first outdoor escape room, Onigo sees teams meet up in parks around the city, including Hyde Park and Battersea, and follow clues on their phones to try and win a game within a time limit. “You go around the park, get active and solve tasks to unlock things, just like in a computer game. Except it’s digital,” Onigo’s founder, Alex Stanley told the Standard[5].

Given the amount of time we spend on our phones already, playing an outdoor game is a great way of putting all that screen time to good use.

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