Yousave Accessories Sony Xperia M5 Case Ultra Thin Clear Silicone Gel Cover

Yousave Accessories Sony Xperia M5 Case Ultra Thin Clear Silicone Gel Cover

  • Brand new ultra-thin clear gel phone case from Yousave Accessories; specially designed to provide optimal protection for your Sony Xperia M5.
  • Made from premium quality silicone TPU gel, this slim designer cover offers effective protection and resistance to common mishaps while also being low profile and discrete in appearance.
  • Protect your Xperia M5 from scratches, scuffs, knocks, drops and scrapes with this tough, protective smartphone holder. Also features a raised lip around the front of the phone allowing you to place your phone face down without fear of the screen being scratched.
  • Featuring handy, precision cut-out ports and stylish, convenient button moulds; allowing for easy access to all of your mobile cellnet review phones features, buttons and ports including the battery charger, camera and auxiliary port.
  • Also included is a heavy duty clear screen protector and unique microfibre polishing cloth to ensure further protection and care can be given to your new Sony Xperia M5.

Ultra-Thin clear TPU Gel Case for the Sony Xperia M5

With a slim-line silicone TPU gel body to ensure minimum weight and optimal protection, this Sony Xperia M5 case is the best unobtrusive and lightweight option for protecting your new smartphone from damage. With a clear gel body, this case is extremely stylish and allows you to preserve the unique look of your Sony Xperia M5 while still providing maximum protection to the interior and exterior of your new smartphone.

An Excellent Degree of Protection

This Sony Xperia M5 cover is extremely easy to fit; simply slot it around the back of your phone and ensure it is firmly in place. Once fitted, the rubberized case provides an excellent degree of protection from scratches, scuffs, drops, scrapes and dents, as well as providing a barrier against impacts and the damage they can cause.

Handy Ports, Cut-Outs and Buttons

The Sony Xperia M5 case comes equipped with a number of handy cut-out ports and button moulds, enabling easy access to all external features of the Sony Xperia M5 including the headphone jack, charger port, camera, power button and volume controls for ease of use.

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