Apple iPhone Genuine Leather Case, Premium Leather Wallet Case with [Kickstand] [Card Slots] [Magnetic Closure] Flip Notebook Cover Case for (iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus 5.5″ White )

Apple iPhone Genuine Leather Case, Premium Leather Wallet Case with [Kickstand] [Card Slots] [Magnetic Closure] Flip Notebook Cover Case for (iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus 5.5

  • Genuine Premium Leather iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Case – This Case is made from the Highest Quality Genuine Leather so you can rest assured that this is manufactured to the highest standard. This Black Real Leather iPhone 7Plus / 8Plus Case will turn heads wherever you go!
  • Precision Engineered – This case is made to fit like a glove! Your iPhone will rest in this case like never before and when not in use Magnetic Closure will ensure your phone is safe and covered from all angles.
  • Cash & Card Slots – Who wants to carry that bulky wallet around? Our White Leather Wallet Case For iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus case offers Cash & Card Slots so you can leave that bulky wallet at home!
  • KickStand – Built-in stand is perfect for watching movies, hanging out with friends on Face Time, and taking timed group photos. The iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Case with Stand simply folds into itself and is adjustable to most angles giving you more comfort.
  • Free Film Screen Protector – Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about that expensive LCD screen! We include a Free Screen Protector so your whole iPhone will now be protected

Genuine Luxury Premium Leather Case with Cash and Credit Card Slots & Kickstand. Suitable for Both Men and Women, this authentic Real Leather Material Case has been precision crafted for a soft yet sturdy case with a plain minimalistic and classy design. Can withstand High Temperatures and is naturally resistant to dirt which can be easily wiped off too

Shockproof Snap On Design
Easily Snap On Snug Design with Shockproof Protection, protects the back and the front of the smartphone this hot selling soft case is a must have!

Cash and Card Slots
No More Chunky and Bulky Wallets. Built in Slots to carry Cash and Cards, so no need for bulky wallet

Magnetic Closure protective of your LCD Screen
Original High Quality Strong Magnet will close when not using the iPhone, covering your screen so will remain padded & protected. Heavy Duty, Hardwearing and Tough with a classy design. It gets better

Smart Movies Stand Function
Smart Book Case which turns into a Moviestand and excellent for travel. Leave your Phone Standing, Elegant and Stylish with character, this fashion case is sure to turn heads

High Quality Finish
This case is finished to a very High-Quality Standard and ensures longevity as well

Protective Lip For Camera Protection
Don’t be afraid to lay your iPhone flat anymore! The Lens is protected due to an Increased Lip all around the case

Special Cut outs For Charging/Headphone Ports
Bespoke and Exact Cut Out Slot for your Lightening Cable to fit so charge in style and listen to music effortlessly

Sick of those scratches?
So are we! So we’ve included a Free Screen Protector with this bundle so you can say goodbye to those scratches and enjoy a scratch free screen!

Compatible iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus (5.5″)
1 x Genuine Leather Case
1 x Free Screen Protector
1 x 1 Year No Hassle Warranty

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