Apple Music added to Three's Go Binge for unlimited streaming

02 Nov 2017 by Jon Mundy

From the end of November, Three customers will be able to use Apple Music on their phones without having to monitor their mobile cellnet review data usage. Since July, Three’s Go Binge initiative[1] has seen it team up with popular video and music streaming services to make them free to use on the UK mobile cellnet review network. The likes of Netflix and Dave on the video side and Deezer and Soundcloud on the music side can be used on 3G and 4G without worry of a nasty bill coming at the end of the month.

From November 27th, Apple Music is set to be added to that list of participants. In order to qualify for the unlimited streaming plan you’ll obviously need to be an Apple Music subscriber. This costs ?9.99 per month (there’s also a three month free trial), and grants access the Apple service’s 40 million-strong library of music tracks.

Apple Music – which is available to Android users as well as iOS – also enables you to stream your own iTunes library, even if those tracks aren’t typically available to stream. The service also feature premieres from top artists, handpicked playlists and bespoke recommendations, not to mention ad-free access to Apple’s Beats 1 radio station. In addition to an Apple Music subscription you’ll need to be a Three customer on an Advanced plan[2], whether that’s a mobile cellnet review-inclusive contract or SIM Only.

You’ll also need to be signed up for at least 4GB of data usage per month. Broadband customers on 4GB of data or more also qualify for Go Binge usage. If you’re a Three customer and are unsure whether you qualify for Go Binge, your best bet is to contact Three[3] directly.

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