Dutch install 130 mobile antennas in Sept, mostly for LTE

About 73 new LTE antenna installations took place in the Netherlands during the month of September, for a total of 130 newinstallations, according to figures from the Antenna Bureau.

In general, there were a total of 44,592 antenna installations for mobile networks in the country in September. Most of these were for LTE networks (16,383 units) and UMTS (14,518). The number of UMTS antennas rose by 37.

The number of GSM 1800 antenna installations reached 8,848 (+8). For GSM 900, the figure went to 4,843 units (+12).

LTE Advanced getting implemented

LTE antennas are already being used by four mobile operators for LTE Advanced. In addition, pilots are running 4.5G (LTE Advanced Pro) as an intermediate step on the way to 5G, expected by 2020.

Antenna installations will become available for 5G from 2019, when the spectrum auction complete in the autumn.

Currently, KPN, VodafoneZiggo and T-Mobile Netherlands use 3G (UMTS) on a large scale, as a way to boost capacity for 4G networks (LTE).

The operators are also using 2G spectrum to increase capacity on 4G networks.

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