Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Excellent Hardware, Software Combination is Expected; Delayed Release Date Implies Major …

Microsoft remains silent about the long-rumored Surface Pro 5 which made the netizens felt more excited about the device’s outcome. Other reports even suggest that the delayed release[1] date is caused by the major redesigns administered on the device. Surface Pro 5 is expected to be the next big thing in the tablet industry for 2017 but Microsoft refuses to reveal any relevant information about the device.

Nevertheless, credible tipsters somehow find ways to gather details about the device’s key specs which entails an excellent combination of hardware and software. In relation to that, Microsoft is reportedly choosing between Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen for Surface Pro 5 processor. But software-wise, the device is expected to run the latest Windows 10 Creators Update[2] slated to launch in April but its fate could also be the same with Windows 10 Anniversary Update which was released August of last year, PC World[3] reported.

To recall, Surface Pro 4 was released sometime in October 2015 but last year’s Microsoft October Event brought the Surface Studio and Surface Book i7. For this reason, this coming October is the most probable for the device’s official launching. On the other hand, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumored features include the Surface Pen that charges itself when attached to the device magnetically.

Surface Dial is another accessory that is expected to come with the new device but it will be an optional, PC Advisor[4] reported. Other possible specs that could end up in Surface Pro 5 are high-resolution screen displays such as 2K and 4K, 16GB of RAM, USB-C port, USB 3.0 and latest versions of Wi-Fi (with MU-MIMO support) and Bluetooth. Upon released, the device could be distributed via the Surface Service Program which is an authorized distributor of Surface products that comes with subscription models so that consumers won’t be needing to splash huge amount for upgrades.

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