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Cellnet Review

T-Mobile expands Google Pixel promo to include Simple Choice Unlimited plan

After announcing its Google Pixel offer last week[1], T-Mobile has expanded the deal to include another plan.

T-Mobile’s Google Pixel promotion is now available to Simple Choice Unlimited plan customers[2]. This is in addition to customers on the T-Mobile One plan, which was originally the only plan eligible to receive the $325 credit for brining a Pixel onto T-Mobile’s network.

To take advantage of T-Mobile’s Pixel promo, you’ll need to buy a Pixel from Google or anywhere else and then activate it on a Simple Choice Unlimited or T-Mobile One plan. You’ll then head to T-Mobile’s promo page[3], enter the promo code PIXEL, and then share your proof of purchase. Once you’re done, T-Mobile will give you 24 monthly credits of $13.55 each, which adds up to $325. That’s half the price of a 32GB Pixel.

This T-Mobile promotion is a nice deal for anyone interested in pairing the Pixel with T-Mo’s network, so it’s good to see that the promo has been expanded to include Simple Choice Unlimited customers, too. The T-Mobile One plan isn’t for everyone, and now those folks on the Simple Choice Unlimited plan can keep their plan and still take advantage of T-Mo’s new Pixel deal.

Are you going to take advantage of T-Mobile’s Google Pixel promotion?

Xiaomi testing phones on US wireless networks, could launch in 2017


China-based Xiaomi[1] is making some very early preparations to offer its family of smartphones in the U.S. through wireless carriers. A new report confirms that the company is currently testing smartphones on those networks, and an official U.S. launch could happen as early as 2017.

xiaomi-mi-note-2-hands-on-thumbSee also: Xiaomi Mi Note 2 hands on92[2]

In a chat with Engadget, Xiaomi’s Global Vice-President Hugo Barra stated that U.S. network testing started with a special version of the company’s Mi 5 smartphone[3]. However, he did not reveal exactly when these carrier tests began. He did say that the recently revealed Mi Note 2[4] will be another one of its phones that will be tested on U.S. networks.

The article points out that the company will have to learn how carriers test phones in the U.S. before they can officially launch in the country. That includes ensuring compatibility with some of the more unique bands that U.S. carriers employ. While the beginning of testing represents a huge step for Xiaomi in their plans to enter the massive U.S. smartphone market, Barra also cautions that it is indeed just a first step, saying, “We’re not going to launch something until we’re ready.”

Are you excited about the prospect of Xiaomi entering the U.S. market with its high-end, but also economical, smartphones in the future?


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Samsung Roll Out New Mobile Accessories

Samsung have shown off a slew of new accessories for use with its smartphones.

Previously available only in South Korea, the six peripherals will be shipping worldwide as of November.

The range includes a wireless charging tray, a battery pack, a Bluetooth LED light, in-ear headphones and a pair of new wireless speakers (one traditional and one 360-degree).


Unlike Samsung’s existing accessory lineup, these new products are as much about form as they are about function. As put by them, “Designed with style, comfort and performance in mind, the exclusive items were created to both enhance users’ mobile experience and help them get more out of their devices.”

The cream of the crop here is likely to prove the dual-charging tray. Seen below, it allows you to charge up to three devices (two wirelessly, one wired) at once and boasts a far more subtle design than Samsung’s existing wireless charger. It’s even been designed for use with the accompanying Wireless Speaker Bottle.


Other highlights include the customizable kettle battery pack. Samsung says this “considered and colorful take on mobile charging” features a convenient LED status indication to keep tabs on remaining power, a wrist strap to add to comfort and portability, and kickstand cables that allow users to prop up their phones and enjoy media while they charge.

The Kettle battery pack comes in 5,100mAh and 10,200mAh variations, and a choice of coral pink or mint blue.


Samsung says each of these accessories will be available for purchase at[1] or major regional shopping sites starting in early November depending on local availability.


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